Über Algorius Software

Algorius Software mission!

Our mission is to create simple, easy-to-use and functional software.

Principles of our work

Adhering to the highest standards of quality software development we are constantly developing new software, improving existing products, adding new features. This allows us to keep up with modern trends and technologies and to meet the changing needs of our customers. All our solutions can vary in scope, purpose, complexity and architecture, but they always contain the three required components - efficiency, quality and reliability.

Attitude towards our clients

In addition to software development we invest a lot of time for customer support. Our support team is always ready to help you to solve any problem you may encounter.

We use the modern Algorius Help Desk system to track your requests.

It enhances the service level of technical support. You can check all your messages and our replies any time and track the request status. Guaranteed response time - 48 hours, but usually only a few hours.

The competence of our team

Our team is a successful blend of highly - skilled workers. We value and respect all our employees. All employees have a profile higher education in the areas of: IT technology, design, law, linguistics and translation, accounting, marketing and management organization management. Together we design, build and maintain our software.

Earn with us

Partner can be an individual or legal body. You can earn constantly being a partner. The idea is simple – recommend us and earn money. Contact sales department to get additional information about affiliate.

Contact us

Find out, make offers, ask. We are glad to answer any your questions. Write us