Meet Algorius Net Viewer 8.1!

We are glad to inform you about the release of new Algorius Net Viewer 8.1 version.

Following our good tradition, versions x.1 are based on our users’ feedback. Your reviews, wishes and especially critics help our product to become better! We sincerely thank all our users for their participation in project development.

This version includes the improved features of inventory, network maps and also many other enhancements, which extend the application functionality and make your work more efficient and convenient.

You can read the detailed list of new features:

We’d like to focus on the following improvements.


Getting the Code Sign Certificate is the important milestone for us. Now all versions starting with 8.1 will be signed by our own digital certificate. It guarantees that a distributive is created by a trusted publisher and its files are not corrupted or replaced by third parties. Sometimes it is the mandatory security requirement in the corporate networks – and now Algorius Net Viewer meets this requirement. It increases the levels of security and trustworthiness of our products.

Inventory agent

One of the major new features is the Inventory agent – separate application within Algorius Net Viewer distributive. It enables the inventory process for machines with complicated or none network access. Now inventory process can be performed not only remotely via a network, but locally also.

Agent helps to complete the inventory of the PCs – get the hardware and software information and then export these data into a file or send to Algorius Net Viewer via Web interface. Application now also includes the management tools for these data, which manage how to receive, import, refresh, clean the data and assign it to the devices.

Advanced Search

With advanced search you can look for various objects by the values of their attributes. You can search by device attributes values, monitoring results, inventory data values.

E.g. you can quickly find the computers with Ping higher than specified value or with graphic card of specific model. Search can include several criteria. You can save the search parameters to use it again in the future.


We have significantly improved the application performance and optimized its RAM usage in version 8.1. The performance increase can reach 100-200% in large-scale configurations, which is extremely important in case of deployments in the terminal or virtual environments.

You can download new version now:

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