Algorius Net Viewer versions

Algorius Net Viewer 10.1

Date: 25. April 2019 Tags: Algorius Net Viewer, version 10

What's new in this version:

  • Ability to export network map images in SVG format.
  • Network map in the Web interface is displayed in vector graphics.
  • Supports map zooming in the Web interface.
  • Database export / import.
  • Search with item filtration in all lists in the application interface.
  • Supports proxy server for app update.
  • Improved and accelerated drawing of the network map in the application interface.
  • Supports UNC and file links in device descriptions.
  • %IP% and %MAC% macros are added for notification.
  • The Tools menu has been renamed to Commands.
  • The Server menu has been renamed to Tools.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed a error when viewing the Web access log.
  • Map background color change bug has been fixed.
  • SSL 1.2 support for Windows Server 2008 R2 has been fixed.
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the application interface.

Algorius Net Viewer 10.0

Date: 30. November 2018 Tags: Algorius Net Viewer, version 10

What's new in this version:

Network map:

  • Operation selection when performing group operations.
  • Possibility to copy and move attributes in the course of group operations.
  • Viewing attribute values in advanced search results.
  • Unlimited number of attributes in advanced search.
  • Adding a device to the map from the control panel.
  • Improved display of connected devices on the map.

New devices:

  • Computers: VPN server.
  • Network: GPON splitter, GPON terminal, GPON unit, Grid-tie inverter, VPN router.
  • Peripherals: Accumulator, IPTV media player, Microphone, PLC adapter, USB sound card.
  • Rack: Rack GPON terminal, Rack VPN.
  • Schema: GPON splitter, Wi-Fi point.
  • Security: GSM signaling, IP barrier.
  • Structures: Solar panel, Wind generator.
  • Trade: Cash desk on-line.
  • VoIP: VoIP microphone, VoIP recorder.


  • Support of layers.
  • Layer tree with display of all objects in each layer.
  • Possibility to create nested layers to group objects.
  • Possibility to change the layer for objects via their context menu.


  • Improved display of time intervals in SNMP.
  • Possibility for the WMI, SNMP, Extenal, URI scanning methods to set the coefficient for value conversion and for decimal value support.
  • Collecting daily statistics for the monitoring log.
  • Detailed setup of log entry storage duration.
  • Possibility to view monitoring queue.
  • Improved support of external databases.
  • Improved table handling in WMI Browser.
  • Added support of latest SSL versions during monitoring via URI.
  • Possibility for the Extenal and URI scanning methods to set a regular expression and measurement units.
  • class="bugs">The compatibility error of the monitoring server with older application versions has been corrected.


  • Display of the scanning method name in the notification on the screen.
  • Support of SOCKS5 proxy for Telegram notifications.
  • Support of channels and super groups in Telegram notifications.


  • The inventory wizard has been divided into operations, substantially modified, and has become much more convenient.
  • Inventory cards.
  • Possibility to create inventory cards automatically or manually.
  • Inventory cards aren’t now assigned to devices by host name but by device ID.
  • Possibility to assign an inventory card to any device on the map.
  • Inventory card editor that opens in a separate tab.
  • Editor of sections and attributes for inventory cards.
  • Possibility to create new sections for inventory cards.
  • Possibility to create new attributes for inventory card elements.
  • Typing for attributes.
  • Inventory tree for inventory card management.
  • Inventory card filtering by the current map, by closed maps, by unassigned cards.
  • Inventory card sorting by name, by date modified.
  • The BIOS information from the Motherboard section is now located in the new BIOS section.
  • After a rescanning, the missing elements aren’t now deleted but are labeled as not actual.
  • Possibility to pin the actuality state for an inventory card element.
  • Possibility to correct the automatically collected attribute values.
  • Display of creation date and modification date for an inventory card.
  • Display of element adding date in the inventory card.


  • New Reports menu in the application’s main menu and in the devices’ context menu on the map.
  • All inventory reports have been improved.
  • New inventory reports: "Overview", "Accessories", "Performance".
  • Possibility to hide any attributes in inventory reports.
  • Possibility to limit the number of entries displayed in reports.
  • class="bugs">The error has been corrected that had occurred when exporting connection type reports into Excel, Word or PDF.

Licensing policy:

  • Free version of the application.
  • New end-user license agreement.
  • New license type: Annual time-limited license.
  • License manager in the Help menu for license management.

Algorius Net Viewer 9.2

Date: 27. September 2017 Tags: Algorius Net Viewer, version 9

What's new in this version:


  • Possibility to specify maximum port speed.
  • Improved displaying of ports above the lines.
  • Common style of selected objects on the map.
  • Improved appearance of the hint when hovering over objects on the map.
  • Possibility to add several additional attributes to a device at a time.
  • Grouping additional attributes when adding to a device.
  • Displaying the result of all scanning methods on the first bookmark in the device hint.
  • The map zoom range is extended to 10-1000%.
  • Optimization of the map rendering.
  • Optimization of the map rendering.


  • Possibility to select several separate line nodes.
  • Highlighting line nodes when moving or hovering.
  • Improved adding nodes to lines and dividing lines.
  • Improved moving of lines using the grid.
  • Alignment of line nodes on the sides, by distances.
  • Improved displaying arrows of lines entering the devices.


  • Possibility to edit connections between devices in the device editor.
  • Possibility to connect devices without lines (using Alt+Click or by turning off line display in the device editor).
  • Possibility to specify the type and length of the cable in connections between devices.
  • Displaying information in the line hint: type, connected devices, channel length and speed.
  • Displaying connections in the port hint.


  • Optimization of centralized monitoring: decreasing the traffic by more than half, reducing CPU and memory using on the server and client.
  • Accelerated log clearing due to the use of Truncate command on external databases.
  • Selection of the authentication method when using external databases.


  • Improved design of the Web interface and local reports.
  • New report: “Connections” displaying connections between devices, their type and the channel length and speed.
  • New report: “Connection Types” displaying the number and total length of each type of connections.
  • Added display of information about connections in reports for a device and line in the Web interface.
  • Improved display of port in reports: added possibility to navigate to a device or a port.
  • Possibility of switching between reports when viewing reports in the application.
  • Navigating back/forward when viewing reports in the application using Alt+Left/Right.


  • Possibility to notify to a group in Telegram.
  • Selection of a group or a user for notification in Telegram (the receiver’s telephone number does not have to be specified anymore).
  • Optimization of notification in case of a great number of events.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed rare errors during hint rendering.
  • Fixed error when optimizing the monitoring log with simultaneous generation of reports on the MS SQL database.
  • Fixed error during long optimization of the monitoring log on external databases.
  • Fixed error when deleting a great number of records when clearing logs on external databases.
  • Fixed error when using the MySQL database with non-UTF8 coding.
  • Fixed external database update scripts when updating from very old versions of the application.
  • Fixed error related to sending in Telegram if the system time is too slow or too fast.

Algorius Net Viewer 9.1

Date: 13. Juni 2017 Tags: Algorius Net Viewer, version 9

What's new in this version:

  • Similar style for all device icons.
  • New devices: Database server, Smartphone, 3D Printer, SSD, Radiophone, PLC, Rack dual monitor, Power line, Radio antenna, Satellite receiver, POS cash.
  • New device collections: VoIP, Security.
  • Scheduled notifications feature.
  • New notification action – save report.
  • New notification action – run Web query.
  • Ability to use Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL database for logging directly (without ODBC).
  • Monitoring of Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC databases via SQL queries.
  • Ability to specify login for each scanning method in device editor.
  • Ability to assign scanning result to device attribute in Device Scanning Wizard.
  • Adjustable transparency for OpenStreetMap maps.
  • New fields in statistics report: how many times device turned active/inactive.
  • New fields in Device Scanning Wizard report: state, value, value as text.
  • Configuring authorization for URI scanning method.
  • Configuring measured value for URI scanning method.
  • Ability to get scanning value from the content for URI scanning method.
  • Ability to enter the required number of responses for MultyPing scanning method.
  • Support for %ADDRESS%, %HOST%, %IP% macros in user name, in settings of External, WMI, UDP, URI, SQL scanning methods.
  • Devices Scanning moved to Tools\Standard menu.
  • Added support for domains with national symbols in older versions of Windows.
  • New feature to hide any fields in device report and inventory report.
  • Improved display of ports in device information report.
  • Improved display of external command execution when testing the notification.
  • Added progress bar in the inventory wizard.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed scrolling of the map editor when dragging the devices by a mouse.
  • Fixed the display of WSA_NO_DATA error when monitoring in various scanning methods.
  • Fixed the OpenStreetMap maps support by the service.
  • Fixed scrolling of the additional fields in the device wizard.
  • Fixed navigation between various templates of the same report in the Web interface.
  • Fixed getting a port from IPv6 address for TCP and UDP scanning methods.

Algorius Net Viewer 9.0.9

Date: 22. November 2016 Tags: Algorius Net Viewer, version 9

What's new in this version:

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed an error with the second start of the application.
  • Fixed a rare error when rendering the network map.
  • Fixed a rare error with notification via Telegram.
  • Fixed a rare error when updating from maps server.
  • Fixed a rare error with animation of the notification.
  • Fixed a rare error when multiple users run the application in terminal mode from a network drive.
  • Fixed an error: Copy buttons did not work in local reports.
  • Fixed an error: Delete button did not work in the filters of the local reports.
  • Fixed a rare error when the service is restarted.
  • Fixed a rare error when clearing logs in external databases.
  • Fixed an error with the applying of 'very seldom' refresh period.
  • Fixed an error when running the service by the domain user.
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