Algorius Net Viewer 4.0

Neues in dieser Version:

Neue Funktionen:

  • Free Lite version of the product;
  • Report on IP V4 addresses and their free ranges;
  • Summary statistic report;
  • New mechanism of connecting devices by lines;
  • Automatic arranging of lines, connected to devices, after changes on the map, with minimizing the number of crossings and calculating the optimal entry points;
  • Specifying ports list in device settings;
  • Defining ports on each side of a line between devices;
  • Displaying devices, connected to each port, in device hint;
  • Specifying address and scanning method for ports;
  • Displaying ports on the map right above the line, connected with this port;
  • Displaying states of ports (active/inactive) on the map;
  • Support of external commands, notification, reports for ports.

Description of the main new features