Algorius Net Viewer 5.0

What's new in this version:

New features:

  • All scanning methods are now implemented in plugins;
  • Ability to create one or several scanning methods based on each plugin;
  • Ability to set up individual settings for each scanning method;
  • New scanning method: External - using external utilities;
  • New scanning method: MultiPing - using several ICMP requests;
  • New scanning method: UDP - using UDP request;
  • New scanning method: WMI - using Windows Management Instrumentation;
  • New scanning method: Temperature - measures a temperature from device‚Äôs sensors;
  • New scanning method: DriveFreeSpace - measures free space on the hard disk drives;
  • New device state - 'warning', e.g. when ping exceeds 1000 ms;
  • Early warning about potential issues;
  • Set up the notification for all devices at once (previously you had to specify device type);
  • Set up the notification for all devices with specific scanning method;
  • Pause for specific maps with remembering when application is closed;
  • Arrows on lines end;
  • Viewing the result of console application execution in device hint;
  • Group operation for all devices with specified scanning method;
  • Ability to quickly switch between various settings during application launch;
  • Ability to update settings from master-copy during application launch;
  • Application performance optimization: monitoring logging, processing of external commands, MAC address gathering, settings applying;
  • Online documentation;
  • Minor improvements in application interface;
  • Some problems have been fixed in various modules.

Description of the main new features