Algorius Net Viewer 6.1

What's new in this version:

Notification window:

  • Grouping of notifications for one device;
  • Showing of number of hourly/daily messages;
  • Showing of date and time and elapsed time;
  • Possibility to close individual messages;
  • Possibility to switch “Above All” display mode;
  • Possibility to specify message closure time from the event resolution;

Response time chart:

  • Showing of minimal, average and maximum response time;
  • Showing of downtime in a percentage scale;
  • Time scale is improved;


  • Possibility to run as Windows service;
  • New devices: Thin client, Rack NAS, Retail scale, Receipt printer, Power strip, Multimedia speaker, Subtransmission tower;
  • Search performance optimization;
  • Device collection is divided into several parts;
  • Hints are shown in more convenient manner when you drag over the adjacent devices;
  • Possibility to change device size in any side;
  • Adding devices and text boxes is simpler now;
  • Possibility to specify optional intermediate host in WakeOnLan.

Description of the main new features