Algorius Net Viewer 7.0

What's new in this version:

Inventory module

  • Gather and display the following information:
    - Computer name, domain (workgroup), DNS name;
    - Operating system: name, upgrade pack, architecture, serial number and key;
    - Installed software: name, author, version, installation date and location, website link;
    - Motherboard: manufacturer, model, version, BIOS, serial number;
    - CPUs: name, manufacturer, frequency, socket type, CPUID;
    - Memory slots: manufacturer, volume, location, frequency, serial number, part number;
    - Drives: name, type, volume, free space, serial number;
    - Network cards: name, manufacturer, type, bandwidth, MAC and IP addresses, network mask, gateway, DNS servers;
    - Video cards: name, processor, memory, video mode, maximum frequency, drivers date and version;
    - Monitors: name, model, manufacture date, serial number, socket;
    - Printers: name, driver, port, DPI;
    - Input devices: mice and keyboards;
    - Audio cards, modems, batteries.
  • Ability of automatic (background) inventory;
  • Ability to schedule data gathering in automatic mode;
  • Automatic logging of inventory changes;
  • Search on inventory.

Password manager

  • Ability to specify which login to use for different devices;
  • Macros for substituting the user name and password in external commands;
  • Macros for substituting the user name and password in notification by external tools;
  • Using passwords for authorization in WMI browser;
  • Using passwords for authorization in the inventory.

Map tree

  • Separate button on toolbar to create a link to another map;
  • Ability to specify for a link that its map is a child for the current map;
  • Showing maps in a structured way (in a tree view) with unlimited levels of nesting;
  • Ability to create links to another maps by dragging a tab or a map from the tree;
  • Links show the map status by specific color;
  • Transfer state of a child map to the parent map;
  • Web-interface now displays the amount of devices and events both for current and child maps (those which a user can access);
  • Group operations for selected maps in the tree.


  • Closing tabs no longer closes the maps (the maps are left in the tree);
  • Ability to automatically hide or fix the device list and map tree;
  • New design of many interface elements;
  • Checkbox to disable/enable a device collection in settings;
  • Displaying the connected devices in Web interface;
  • Displaying lines by the color of inactive labels if one of the connected devices is inactive.

Description of the main new features