Algorius Net Viewer 7.1

What's new in this version:

  • Possibility to assign several scanning methods to one device;
  • Refresh rate profiles;
  • Renaming of device types;
  • Inventory report Summary;
  • Full-screen mode;
  • External commands are now available for execution if they are compatible with at least one of the selected devices;
  • Map refresh (F5) now updates only the selected devices (if any);
  • New %DESCRIPTION% macro to enter device description;
  • New devices in the category Peripherals: Gamepad, Graphics tablet, Interactive board, Screen;
  • New device category Schema: Access server, ATM switch, Bridge, Comm server, Gateway, Hub, ISDN switch, Multilayer switch, Router, Workgroup switch;
  • Some problems have been fixed in various modules.

Description of the main new features