Algorius Net Viewer 7.3

What's new in this version:

New features:

  • New device added: Rack firewall.
  • Added automatic update of visual data about scanning methods from monitoring server.
  • Added the display of information about device interfaces in Web interface and device hints.
  • Significant increase of application performance during operations with large maps.
  • Improved data gathering about BIOS in inventory.
  • Extended data output about PC and BIOS manufacturer in inventory reports.

Fixed bugs:

  • Inventory error fixed when software data are gathered by a user with no rights for local system login.
  • Following error fixed: device statuses were not translated immediately after interface language change.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the huge values in the charts.
  • Following error fixed: negative values of monitoring results were not converted during display.
  • Fixed the search of dependent MIB files.
  • Following error fixed: MIB file was not reloaded after re-opening.
  • "Context too long" error fixed during the work with monitoring server.
  • Visual errors fixed in line editor.
  • Fixed the display of tabs when using the large font.
  • Fixed the display of lists when using the large font.