Algorius Net Viewer 8.1

What's new in this version:


  • Inventory agent.
  • You can import inventory data from an agent for the gathering.
  • You can automatically receive inventory data via Web server from an agent for the gathering.
  • Agent can perform the hidden inventory process.
  • You can assign and re-assign the inventory data to the devices on a map.
  • You can clear the inventory data for the devices.
  • Computer’s SID is added to the data gathering during inventory process.
  • Manufacturer and model of a PC are now displayed in the inventory report.
  • Grouping by RAM modules is enhanced.
  • Now you can configure the field list in inventory report.
  • Inventory report now includes all devices.

Network map:

  • Advanced search with an ability to search against the value of any device attribute.
  • You can monitor the changes of SNMP/WMI values.
  • You can monitor the speed of SNMP/WMI value change.
  • You can navigate to the connected devices from a line editor.
  • You can set the port descriptions.
  • Lookup of additional attributes values in device editor.
  • Hotkey to add the frequently used attributes in device editor.
  • Tracking of external changes of map files is improved.
  • Selected devices are displayed better.
  • Device editor window is displayed faster.

Other changes:

  • Significant improvement in application performance and used memory.
  • Transliteration of the SMS.
  • You can resize the application settings window.
  • Full-screen mode in the Web interface.
  • You can configure the field list in device report.
  • New devices report.
  • Support of MACRO definitions in the MIB files.
  • Map scrolling position is saved in local reports.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed error in URI scanning method with possible Timeout in case of very high scanning frequency.
  • Fixed error in the generation of URLs with macro in e-mail notification.
  • Fixed error: registration key was not sent to the service right after its change.
  • Fixed error in inventory process while data gathering about floppy drives in Windows 10.
  • Fixed error while export to Visio of text boxes connected with lines.
  • Fixed the display of duration in statistics report.
  • Fixed reset of objects movement after a screen message notification.