Algorius Net Viewer 9.1

What's new in this version:

  • Similar style for all device icons.
  • New devices: Database server, Smartphone, 3D Printer, SSD, Radiophone, PLC, Rack dual monitor, Power line, Radio antenna, Satellite receiver, POS cash.
  • New device collections: VoIP, Security.
  • Scheduled notifications feature.
  • New notification action – save report.
  • New notification action – run Web query.
  • Ability to use Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL database for logging directly (without ODBC).
  • Monitoring of Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC databases via SQL queries.
  • Ability to specify login for each scanning method in device editor.
  • Ability to assign scanning result to device attribute in Device Scanning Wizard.
  • Adjustable transparency for OpenStreetMap maps.
  • New fields in statistics report: how many times device turned active/inactive.
  • New fields in Device Scanning Wizard report: state, value, value as text.
  • Configuring authorization for URI scanning method.
  • Configuring measured value for URI scanning method.
  • Ability to get scanning value from the content for URI scanning method.
  • Ability to enter the required number of responses for MultyPing scanning method.
  • Support for %ADDRESS%, %HOST%, %IP% macros in user name, in settings of External, WMI, UDP, URI, SQL scanning methods.
  • Devices Scanning moved to Tools\Standard menu.
  • Added support for domains with national symbols in older versions of Windows.
  • New feature to hide any fields in device report and inventory report.
  • Improved display of ports in device information report.
  • Improved display of external command execution when testing the notification.
  • Added progress bar in the inventory wizard.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed scrolling of the map editor when dragging the devices by a mouse.
  • Fixed the display of WSA_NO_DATA error when monitoring in various scanning methods.
  • Fixed the OpenStreetMap maps support by the service.
  • Fixed scrolling of the additional fields in the device wizard.
  • Fixed navigation between various templates of the same report in the Web interface.
  • Fixed getting a port from IPv6 address for TCP and UDP scanning methods.