Algorius Net Viewer 9.2

What's new in this version:


  • Possibility to specify maximum port speed.
  • Improved displaying of ports above the lines.
  • Common style of selected objects on the map.
  • Improved appearance of the hint when hovering over objects on the map.
  • Possibility to add several additional attributes to a device at a time.
  • Grouping additional attributes when adding to a device.
  • Displaying the result of all scanning methods on the first bookmark in the device hint.
  • The map zoom range is extended to 10-1000%.
  • Optimization of the map rendering.
  • Optimization of the map rendering.


  • Possibility to select several separate line nodes.
  • Highlighting line nodes when moving or hovering.
  • Improved adding nodes to lines and dividing lines.
  • Improved moving of lines using the grid.
  • Alignment of line nodes on the sides, by distances.
  • Improved displaying arrows of lines entering the devices.


  • Possibility to edit connections between devices in the device editor.
  • Possibility to connect devices without lines (using Alt+Click or by turning off line display in the device editor).
  • Possibility to specify the type and length of the cable in connections between devices.
  • Displaying information in the line hint: type, connected devices, channel length and speed.
  • Displaying connections in the port hint.


  • Optimization of centralized monitoring: decreasing the traffic by more than half, reducing CPU and memory using on the server and client.
  • Accelerated log clearing due to the use of Truncate command on external databases.
  • Selection of the authentication method when using external databases.


  • Improved design of the Web interface and local reports.
  • New report: “Connections” displaying connections between devices, their type and the channel length and speed.
  • New report: “Connection Types” displaying the number and total length of each type of connections.
  • Added display of information about connections in reports for a device and line in the Web interface.
  • Improved display of port in reports: added possibility to navigate to a device or a port.
  • Possibility of switching between reports when viewing reports in the application.
  • Navigating back/forward when viewing reports in the application using Alt+Left/Right.


  • Possibility to notify to a group in Telegram.
  • Selection of a group or a user for notification in Telegram (the receiver’s telephone number does not have to be specified anymore).
  • Optimization of notification in case of a great number of events.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed rare errors during hint rendering.
  • Fixed error when optimizing the monitoring log with simultaneous generation of reports on the MS SQL database.
  • Fixed error during long optimization of the monitoring log on external databases.
  • Fixed error when deleting a great number of records when clearing logs on external databases.
  • Fixed error when using the MySQL database with non-UTF8 coding.
  • Fixed external database update scripts when updating from very old versions of the application.
  • Fixed error related to sending in Telegram if the system time is too slow or too fast.