Meet Algorius Net Viewer 9.0!

We are glad to announce the release of the 9th version of Algorius Net Viewer.

Algorius Net Viewer - Toolkit for System Administrators

Improved user interface, OpenStreetMap map support, Telegram notifications, import from CSV and other features and improvements – in this new version.

Improved user interface

Modern and convenient user interface is crucial for efficient operation. We have focused on application design in this version. New icons were developed for the interface, style was harmonized for all application components. Interface is aligned for all Algorius Net Viewer dialog windows. Updated and improved design made it possible to decrease the distributive size more than twice.

Algorius Net Viewer 9.0 - Main interface
Algorius Net Viewer 9.0 - Main interface
Algorius Net Viewer 9.0 - Settings
Algorius Net Viewer 9.0 - Settings
Network discovery wizard
Network discovery wizard

OpenStreetMap map support

OpenStreetMap for network map

Now you can use OpenStreetMap maps as background (© OpenStreetMap contributors). It makes it possible to display devices based on its geographical position and thus clearly see their location. Now you can deploy the maps either via wizard or manually by entering the coordinates. Forget about the times when you have been creating geo backgrounds manually. Furthermore, application will automatically scale the maps based on the scaling in Algorius Net Viewer and will update maps automatically according to the OpenStreetMap caching policy.

Telegram notifications

Telegram notifications

Telegram becomes more and more popular. We succeeded to enable Telegram support in Algorius Net Viewer due to open source and convenient API. Telegram notifications arrive almost instantly and are protected against interception. Now you have another quick and reliable way to be notified about errors and potential network issues.


Timely notification about errors and potential network issues is one of Algorius Net Viewer key features. This functionality becomes even more straightforward in the new version. Severity levels of warning, error and alarm can be now animated via special icons above the devices. Animation is available both in desktop and Web interface. If you don’t need the animation of device status, you can disable it in the application Appearance settings.

Animation for the notification events

We have also implemented the animation for the devices, using the animated SVG or GIF file as an icon. Such animation is available in the Web interface only. Included device collection now has the animation for the frequently used devices. You can disable the animation in report settings Map -> Scheme. Switching to the full-screen mode of network map with enabled animation, you can get the really interesting presentation of the network map.

Import from CSV

Algorius Net Viewer now supports import of device information from CSV files. Application will ask you to map CSV columns with various device attributes during the import. You can both import new devices and update the attributes of existing ones. It makes it possible to keep device info up-to-date much easier.

Statistical logging level

New “statistical” logging level can significantly decrease the database load. Application stores the statistical data on the scanned devices in the memory: number of requests; number of successful requests; maximum/average/minimum value etc. These data are saved to the database once an hour. Data are also exported to the database when device state changes or when error occurs. It improves the accuracy of the reports and charts and also makes it possible to get up-to-date info on current device state.


There are several improvements in monitoring also.

Application can scan not only numeric values now, but also the string ones. Current value is displayed in device status.

Previous version included the possibility to use regular expressions for External scanning methods to parse the console data. Now there is the same possibility for WMI/SNMP scanning methods. It enables the scanning of text values with numeric result.

New Mail scanning method is implemented. It enables scanning of mail servers via POP3, SMTP, IMAP and measure the response speed, number of mails or number of the new mails.

Authorization support is added for URI scanning method. Device-specific password profile is used.


SMS notification module has been significantly improved. SMS can be re-sent now in case of failure. Selection between Text/PDU sending modes has been added. Support of some SMS modems has been improved.

E-mail notifications can be sent in text format now, making it possible to notify via SMS gateways.


New report Inventory -> Devices has been added following the multiple requests to do so. It is similar to Inventory -> Summary and also provides the possibility to select any attributes, but it displays one record per each device, not per each device element.

Fixed errors

We have put much attention to find and fix the errors, even the rarest ones. List of all fixes is provided in the full modification list, available at:

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