Algorius Net Viewer 10.2

What's new in this version:

  • SSH Device Monitoring.
  • Collecting information about OS users in the inventory.
  • Customization in report templates: filtering records by content.
  • Display the number of events under the links to other cards.
  • New columns in the report Map->Devices: status, severity, number of errors, warnings, alarms.
  • Filtering by status and severity level in the report Map->Devices.
  • Automatic saving of inventory cards after modification.
  • New attribute type in inventory - Boolean (yes/no).
  • Inventory Agent transferred from .NET Framework 2 to .NET Framework 4.
  • Minor improvements in the application interface.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed history of changes in inventory cards opened for editing.
  • Fixed import of inventory cards through a Web server running on the service.
  • Fixed display of the device name during a network search.
  • Fixed error when exporting the Inventory->Devices report to Excel.
  • Fixed insertion of formatted text in the device description.
  • Fixed error when importing devices from an incorrect CSV file.
  • Fixed copying to the clipboard when it is busy with another application takes too long.
  • Fixed error when sorting by nonexistent column in reports.
  • Fixed display of data in the Inventory->Devices report.
  • Fixed export of Inventory->Devices and Inventory->Summary reports to XML.
  • Fixed escaping of characters in WMI Browser.