Algorius Net Viewer 3.2

What's new in this version:

Web interface and reports:

  • New style of Web interface and reports;
  • Web interface optimization by active client-side caching.
  • Report exporting into different formats (Word, PDF, Excel, XML, CSV);
  • Logging and displaying devices response time charts;
  • Devices work time report;
  • Report generation based on the one map, group of maps or all maps;
  • Autorefresh of Web interface pages and reports with period indicating;
  • Report print dialog call is improved;
  • Search in report by text;
  • Data filtration in reports by device types, event severity, scanning method, etc;
  • Report generation off different period;
  • Sorting inside reports by columns;
  • Option to hide map tree in reports;
  • Specifying the number of records displayed on the report page.


  • Detail monitoring logging;
  • Web server logging and displaying;
  • Using of internal database (SQLite) for logging;
  • Option to use external database (MySQL, MS SQL, ...) for logging.

Remote monitoring:

  • Configuration of monitoring result receiving from Web server is simplified;
  • Monitoring logging isn't performed now for maps which are scanned via Web server;
  • Viewing of monitoring result for maps, scanned via map server, is redirected to the external Web interface;
  • Some problems in remote monitoring were fixed.


  • All devices have unique (within the map) identifiers;
  • Using of device identifiers for logging;
  • Using of device identifiers for notification configuration;
  • Addition addresses are now taken into account during trace route;
  • Installer is improved;
  • Several interface improvements;
  • Device choosing in notification editor is improved;
  • Environment variables support is improved at external commands execution;
  • Application is optimized conserning to memory and CPU usage;
  • Fixed execution of external command with space in the file name in hold console mode;
  • Fixed problems with second start with different rights with active UAC;
  • Fixed problems with collaborative maps editing and Web interface using;
  • Fixed some problems at MAC addresses gathering.