Algorius Net Viewer 5.1

What's new in this version:

  • New scanning method: 'SNMP Get' with support of SNMP v1/v2/v3;
  • New device group: 'Terminals' with new devices: ATM, POS, Cash terminal;
  • New update dialog, with the ability to automatically update the application;
  • Ability to group map tabs (View->Groups);
  • Summary statistic report is enhancement (percent fractions, data highlight);
  • Added new predefined external command;
  • Ability to group external commands with unlimited nesting level;
  • Ability to configure external commands more complete;
  • 'Wake On Lan' utility is developed and added into distributive;
  • Ability to specify different local and remote ports for UDP scanning method;
  • Device address is now shown as a link, so you can open it faster via Web-interface;
  • Content of text fields can be viewed now via Web interface;
  • Displaying of formatted device descriptions;
  • Hyperlinks are now recognized in device descriptions;
  • Time intervals for data filtering in reports are expanded;
  • Fixed problem with authorization via Internet Explorer, if Integrated Windows schema is selected;
  • Fixed problem in 'Maps Server' module, if maps are located in the application folder;

Description of the main new features