Algorius Net Viewer 6.1.2

What's new in this version:

Improved SMS notification:

  • SMS sending changed from text to PDU mode, which is considered as more stable.
  • Added possibility to view information about modem.
  • Added possibility to specify Service Center No.

Application performance optimization:

  • Faster monitoring queue processing.
  • Faster notification events processing.

Some errors have been fixed in various modules:

  • Fixed incorrect showing of duration when operating as a service.
  • Added showing of details when operating as a service.
  • Fixed possible error with the launch of Web server when switching 'Run as service' mode.
  • Fixed unnecessary creation of an empty database for the service.
  • Fixed growth of the service settings file.
  • Fixed processing of monitoring queue for devices with lower priority.
  • Fixed bug when using MS SQL for logging.
  • Fixed duplication of external commands after loading settings from another file while running.
  • Fixed error 'pipe is being closed' if the ARP table is empty.
  • Improved support of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.