Algorius Net Viewer - Licensing

Licensing – Questions and answers

What is the license period?

License period is unlimited in terms of time. You can use purchased licenses for unlimited time without any extra fees. You can make free updates to any major version (e.g. 3, 4, 5) during 1 year after purchase and to any of its minor version (e.g. 3.1; 3.2; 3.2.1) without time limitation. You can make major updates with 50% discounts after 1 year from purchase date. Just contact sales department to get discount coupon.

What do you mean under “number of devices” in a license?

Number of devices in a license represents the number of all scanned hosts (or IPs) in all open network maps. Application runs license check and counts the number of hosts and IPs to be scanned. This number is understood as number of devices in a license.

Some devices might not be scanned and are not considered in the count. The same host may be appointed to several devices – such host is counted as 1 device. Same host can be scanned in several ways – it is counted as 1 device.

Overall number of all hosts is shown in host report, which is available through application or Web interface. You can use the trial period to create your network map, check the host number and purchase the appropriate license.

Can I use a purchased license on multiple computers?

Yes, you can, but only on your computers.

Our company provides PC maintenance services for other businesses. Can we run the application on the PCs, owned by our clients?

Yes, there is such possibility under Advanced, Professional and Unlimited licenses. Your employees can install and use the registered Algorius Net Viewer version on your client PCs, if you provide IT services on a contract basis. If client employees want to use Algorius Net Viewer themselves, then your client must purchase the appropriate license for its employees.

Can other users use my purchased license?

Yes, they can, but only on your computers.

I am the system administrator in a small company, we have about 70 devices – which license do I need?

One “Standard” license will be enough for you. It allows to install application on unlimited number of your computers, create unlimited number of network maps and monitor up to 100 devices. You can use free Lite version or Web interface to check monitoring results from other PCs.

We are a big company with 3 branches and several thousand devices in each of them. Each branch is a separate legal entity. We need to make distributed monitoring from 3 points (1 monitoring server per each branch) and check the consolidated result for all branches from any point. Is it possible? Which licenses do we need?

Yes, it is possible. Algorius Net Viewer supports centralized and distributed monitoring. Monitoring servers can even exchange the results with each other. You will need 3 Unlimited licenses (one for each branch).

License agreement

Please find the full license agreement text by the following link.