Algorius Net Watcher Manual
Generate the rating

Generate the rating

To generate the rating, select the ConnectionsGenerate Rating option from the main window menu or simply press Ctrl+T.

The rating is generated as HTML file and can be opened by the default browser. The rating indicates how many times a file or a folder was opened on your PC. The generated rating can be printed or saved as a web page by means of browser.

It is optionally possible to modify the rating template by editing the HTML template file, located in the Algorius Net Watcher “Reports” folder. It is required that the rating template file contains the <!--ITEM_BEGIN--> and the <!--ITEM_END--> tags to define the element. Use the following macros to paste the corresponding elements:




Report generation date 


Your PC name 


Path to the opened file or folder 


File or folder rating 

See the original HTML file as an example.