Algorius Net Watcher Manual
Translate into your language

Translate into your language

You can translate the Algorius Net Watcher interface language into your native language.

To do this, go to the Options dialog, select the Language tab, activate the language you wish to translate from and press Edit. The chosen Algorius Net Watcher language file will be opened in your default text editor.

The language file is a plain text file, which contains the name of the element and an appropriate element text in each line. You should only edit the item translation text that goes after '=' separation symbol.

Save the language file next to the original language file by specifying the language name as the file name and setting the respective file extension (.lng). After that, you can perform the translation.

Return to the Options dialog Language tab, press the Refresh button and you will see your language appeared in the interface language list.

Algorius Net Watcher Development Team will be very thankful if you send your interface translation and will do its best to embed it into the future installation package.

There will appear some new interface items as far as new versions of the Algorius Net Watcher software will be published. In order to translate the new items in your language file, simply go to the Algorius Net Watcher options, select the Language tab and click Refresh. That action will add the new elements to the end of the language file and automatically delete the old ones.