Algorius Net Watcher Manual
Options Dialog

Options Dialog

To open Options dialog, please, select ConnectionOptions from the main window menu or click Options button, which is located on the toolbar, or press F9.

Options dialog contains the following items:





  • Automatically update your Algorius Net Watcher

See the Update Algorius Net Watcher section. 

  • Launch on Windows startup

See the Enable the software autorun section. 

  • Launch as minimized

See the Change the startup settings section. 

  • Minimize to tray

See the Change the startup settings section. 

  • Minimize on close

See the Disable the accidental closing section. 


See the Change the connection history limit section. 


See the Configure warning system section. 

Disconnection List 

See the Automatic disconnection section. 


See the Change the interface language and the Translate the interface into your language sections.