Algorius Net Viewer - Administration

External commands

Algorius Net Viewer is the control panel of your network. Device context menu includes administration tools. Many commands are installed by default. You can easily open remote desktop, turn on or reboot remote PC, check image from webcam, launch ping.exe and any other utility. You can work with several devices simultaneously. You can sort and group commands, assign hotkeys. Device management has never been that easy and convenient.

Password manager

Algorius Net Viewer includes the comprehensive password manager, making it possible to automate authorization for various devices, services or applications. All passwords are stored encrypted and properly secured.

Automatic command execution

Parameters can be sent to commands both automatically and manually. You can use macros to enter device address, its IP, MAC, host name and additional fields for devices. Thus you can automate external command execution.

Visual Trace Route

Embedded Trace Route displays trace to a device both as text and visually on a map. You can trace routes to several devices simultaneously and switch between them.

Network ports scanning

Algorius Net Viewer includes convenient port scanner – handy tool to check network security. Multiple thread and asynchronous operation makes port scanning very fast.

SNMP MIB browser

SNMP MIB browser is another one convenient tool for network administrator, available in Algorius Net Viewer. You can use it to browse the structure of MIB files, current values of MIB objects for particular devices. OID selection is now easier for SNMP scanning — now you can read its description or search by name. Application includes MIB files, which can be used to browse the device info, tables of network interfaces and TCP connections etc. You can add MIB files of your devices to browse all available information.

Wake On Lan

Distributive includes Wake On Lan utility. It allows turning PCs on remotely via network, using so called Magic Packet. MAC-addresses are substituted automatically. You can also optionally specify IP of an interim device (e.g. router) making to possible to turn devices on remotely via Internet.

Device scanning wizard

With Device Scanning Wizard you can scan devices by various means. You can easily find services, launched on particular devices, database instances, game servers etc. You can also determine current device status, CPU temperature, free space on drives etc. Network map allows to scan active devices only – it increases the scanning speed significantly.