Algorius Net Viewer - Administration

Control panel

Algorius Net Viewer allows for controlling devices remotely. You can easily turn on or restart the computers, open the remote desktop, view images from web cameras, etc.

Comfortable administration

The availability of a network map will make administration comfortable. Commands can be started by clicking on the device icon. The necessary attributes are inserted automatically. You can perform actions for a group of devices at once, or for active ones only.

Visual TraceRoute

The integrated TraceRoute shows the route to the device visually on the map and in text form. This makes it possible to quickly check the routing. You can view the routes to multiple devices at once and switch between them.

Network port scanning

Algorius Net Viewer contains a network port scanner, which is a tool for checking the computer network security. Simultaneous scanning of multiple ports and using asynchronous operations makes it possible to find open ports quickly.

SNMP and WMI browsers

The integrated SNMP and WMI browsers allow for viewing the detailed information on the devices, network interface tables, connections, etc. OID selection and writing WQL statements to set up the monitoring become simpler.

Wake On Lan

The integrated WakeOnLan utility allows for turning on the computers remotely using MagicPacket. The MAC address is inserted automatically. You can specify the IP address of an intermediate router. This makes it possible to turn on the computers via the Internet.

Password manager

A password manager allows for keeping a list of logins for authorization on different devices and services. This simplifies the administration, and is necessary for automation of monitoring and inventarization. All passwords are encrypted when stored (RSA).