Algorius Net Viewer - Teamwork

Centralized monitoring

In order to monitor the whole network it is sufficient to install Algorius Net Viewer on one PC and specify on all other PCs that monitoring result for specific maps (or map catalogs) should be taken from a server. It is much more efficient since you avoid abundant ICMP and other packets, thus increasing the monitoring quality.

Distributed monitoring

Large companies with several offices or located in several cities can perform monitoring from several servers. Users can receive general monitoring result for the whole company from local server. It is possible due to server-to-server exchange of maps and monitoring results, providing high flexibility and scaling and decreasing the network load.

Maps server

Algorius Net Viewer makes it possible to use network maps jointly. Maps, images and device collections can be located in centralized storage and stay updated on user PCs automatically or manually. There are special tools for synchronized map editing implemented: map lock for edit, map release, changes commit and revert, display of who and where edits a map. It eliminates conflicts during joint work under the map.

Server-to-server exchange

If you are a big company and it is difficult to update maps from single point, then you can setup the server-to-server exchange. Other workstations can receive maps for the whole company from local server. It increases flexibility and scaling and makes data exchange faster.

Backup maintenance

Algorius Net Viewer maintains backup copies of maps, images, device collections. You will be able to restore the vital data in case of its loss. You can setup automatic deletion of backup copies after specified expiry period.