Algorius Net Viewer - Installation

Quick and easy installation

Installation usually takes just 10-30 seconds. Application is ready to use right after installation. Portable version, free Lite version, Web interface, launch as service, updates and lots more – there are a lot of ways to simplify application deployment in your company.

Easy-to-use and convenient interface

You will be pleasantly surprised after your first launch of the application. That’s how the cutting-edge application for network monitoring and visualization should look like. Everything is clear and simple! Even Web server launch or launch as service are implemented as one checkbox in the settings. We do not over-complicate the things – we strive to make them as simple as possible.

Welcome screen

Demo maps and Network Map Wizard will make it easier for you to start using the application. You can find detailed answers for your questions using feedback links and reading the manual. You can contact the user support any time.

Launch as service

Ability to launch an application as Windows service has lots of advantages. Windows services start prior to user login and continue working when user session is ended. It enables constant monitoring, notifications, Web-access – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service doesn’t interact with Desktop and doesn’t require user to stay logged in. It increases system safety and in some cases is the mandatory security requirement, which Algorius Net Viewer is fully compliant to.

High performance

Each launched application can monitor more than 100 000 devices. It becomes possible thanks to various technologies being used. E.g. efficient thread management enables high application performance and asynchronous operations save the system resources.

Automatic updates

You can enable automatic weekly check for new application versions. If any updates are available, application will show the new features list and will suggest to download and install the new version automatically. Each new release includes detailed release note and a demo of the new features. It helps to understand new features and improvements and get the most out of the application.