Algorius Net Viewer - Inventory

Inventorization module

An inventorization module allows for keeping records of enterprise infrastructure, obtaining detailed information on the computers’ hardware and software, possessing the most up-to-date information on the use of the equipment and software.

Inventorization process

Information can be collected in a centralized manner from one computer over the network. You can use an agent for information collection. The collected information can be edited and supplemented with your own data.

Inventorization agent

An inventorization agent allows for collecting information from the computers that cannot be easily accessed through the network. The collected information is either immediately sent to Algorius Net Viewer via the network or loaded into a file for further importing.

Inventorization cards

The collected information is contained in invertorization cards and stored in the database. Cards are assigned to the devices on the maps, and are available for viewing and editing at any moment. This all provides for a comprehensive approach to record keeping.

Inventorization sections

The possibility to create your own sections expands the record keeping. For example, you can start logbooks for equipment repairs, for keeping records on furniture and other inventory items, update the serial numbers, contact information, the cost and date of purchase of the equipment, etc.


A scheduler allows for automatically collecting and updating the information at a set time. Information is collected simultaneously from multiple computers. The availability of monitoring makes it possible to poll only the computers which are turned on. This significantly accelerates the process of inventarization.

Keeping history of changes

Changes are recorded in the process of automatic information update. This makes it possible, for example, to track the removal of a HDD, and to find the location of its new installation by the serial number. Outdated information is marked as irrelevant, which allows for viewing it in the future.