Algorius Net Viewer - Notification

Immediate notification about events

Application will immediately notify you by various means about devices turning on/off, unexpected errors of network devices, computers or servers and will generate detailed “what and when” report. You will be always able to control the situation and avoid severe failures of your network.

Various notification methods

You can use following notification methods: e-mail with attached network map image and encryption support (SSL), SMS over mobile phone or 3G/4G/modem, chat message or SMS in Skype, Telegram, visual and sound notification etc. You can group messages, see event amount per hour and per day. It provides clear understanding whether it is one-time or constant issue and enables informed decision-making.

External notifications

Algorius Net Viewer can notify you via external utilities. Required parameters are entered automatically via macros. It significantly enlarges application functionality since you can use any external application with notification functionality in Algorius Net Viewer.

Early notification

Application can notify you about potential issues, e.g. if ping exceeds specified values during more than 5 minutes. Thus you will define potential issues before their real occurrence and enable continuous operation of your network.

Notification about device downtime

Application can notify you about continuous downtime. E.g. notify management if any server doesn’t work more than 1 hour.

Notification on sensor values

You can use notification settings to configure the exact values to trigger events. E.g. warning if ping is greater than 100 ms; or alarm if temperature is less than 10°C or greater than 70°C. It shows up on the network map and in the Web interface. Timely and precise data provide the correct representation of the real-time situation and support the decision-making.

Quick notification configuration

Network maps make notification configuration much easier. You can setup notifications for specific device, all devices of specific type, for all devices on specific map, for all devices with specific scanning method. You can merge various methods. There is no need to setup notification for each device individually. Separation between devices and events further simplifies notification setting. E.g. you can setup an action ‘Notify administrator’ once and then apply it for different events.