Algorius Net Viewer - Reports

Various reports generation

Algorius Net Viewer provides fast and convenient reports based on monitoring log, working time, statistics, device info, etc.

Configurable reporting

You can easily adjust the reports according to your own needs: select the needed columns, define the filters and default parameters. You can create your own report templates and switch between them. You can assign a hot key to each report to launch it quickly. It enhances the user experience greatly.

Monitoring chart

Chart shows minimal, average and maximum values of monitoring results – e.g. response times or CPU temperature at various time intervals. Predefined time periods (e.g. per hour, day, for day before etc.) enable fast delivery of the required data. Additional scale shows the downtime duration in percent – you can immediately find out the problematic moments and evaluate the criticality level.


Final statistics report provides statistical data on monitoring log. Following data are displayed: amount of packets sent, received and lost in numbers and percent, minimal, average and maximum response time for specified period, how long a device was on/off, percentage of device availability, maximum level of event severity for specified period. This data enables the quality control of services being provided, makes it possible to enhance this quality and make forecasts.

Sort, filter, search functions

You can generate a report for one or several devices, for one or several maps. Report data can be filtered by different criteria and sorted by each column. Thus you can generate convenient reports, quickly find the required information and make the analytics easier.

Export and printing

You can print and export reports to various formats (Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML). You can use it afterwards for further processing, presentations, analysis etc.