Algorius Net Viewer - Reports

Report generation

Reports provide objective information for the analysis of the network infrastructure functioning. There are reports available on the monitoring log, work hours, inventorization, summary statistics, information on the devices, maps, etc.

Report templates

The application allows for creating and configuring report templates: selecting the required columns, grouping them, setting the filters, parameters, and default sorting. For quick start, you can assign a hotkey to each report.

Monitoring chart

Charts present the monitoring results as graphs. The minimum, mean and maximum values, and the equipment downtime duration are displayed. This allows for seeing the crucial moments and assessing their severity.

Summary statistics

A report on summary statistics displays complex data for evaluation of the network infrastructure work quality. The monitoring values, packet losses, uptime, and severity are presented in numerical and percentage relation.

Inventorization reports

Inventorization reports display detailed information on one device or summary information on a group of devices. Detailed information on the component parts, performance analysis, log of changes, etc is available.

Exporting and printing

Provisions are made for exporting and printing reports into such formats as Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML. This allows for using the data for further processing, analysis, creating presentations.