Algorius Net Viewer - Scaling

Everything is easy and straightforward

In Algorius Net Viewer, everything is easy and straightforward! Installation only takes a few seconds. Launching a web server or service is enabled by ticking one checkbox in the settings. We appreciate your time, so we try to make complicated things as simple as possible.

High-speed operation

Our unique algorithms allow each launched application to monitor more than 100,000 devices. For example, high-quality flow control ensures high productivity, and using asynchronous operations allows for system resource saving.

Centralized monitoring

It is enough to use only one computer to monitor the entire network. The other users can be allowed to access the obtained result from anywhere. This eliminates network pollution with excessive ICMPs and other packets, which in its turn enhances the monitoring quality.

Distributed monitoring

Large organizations composed of multiple branches can perform monitoring from multiple servers. This allows for distributing the load and performing monitoring from the nearest points. On the other computers, it is possible to obtain the overall result and to see the status of the entire network as a whole.

Inter-server communication

Inter-server communication allows servers to exchange the monitoring results. All relevant information becomes accessible from local servers. This ensures high scalability and accelerates information exchange.

Cooperative work

Algorius Net Viewer makes it possible to organize the users' cooperative work. Provisions are made for map updating, capturing of maps for editing, recording and undoing the changes, displaying of who is editing each of the maps. This will eliminate any conflicts and overlaps in case of cooperative map editing.

External database support

The application uses an integrated SQLite database by default. This makes it possible to start using the program immediately. The following databases are supported: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL. They provide for greater scalability and well-developed administration tools.

Launching as a service

Algorius Net Viewer can be launched as a Windows service. The services are launched prior to the user’s login to the system and continue working after their logoff. This makes it possible to perform monitoring 24/7. The service does not require the presence of a user logged in to the system, which is a mandatory security requirement in some cases.