Algorius Net Viewer - Visualization

Computer network diagram editor

Algorius Net Viewer is a computer network diagram editor. It can be used to display the network infrastructure of server rooms, computer classrooms, trade and office centers, city districts, and other locations in an illustrative manner.

Computer network map

The computer network diagram is displayed on one or multiple maps. The maps make it possible to instantly see the entire network and its status, to get quick access to network administration, and to significantly simplify the navigation.

Building a network map

A wizard will help you find devices in the network and add them to the map. A variety of methods for finding the devices (ARP, Ping, Netbios, TCP, UDP, SNMP, WMI) make it possible to find virtually all the devices and to obtain information about them.

Collection of devices

A collection of more than 150 devices in the vector graphics format (SVG) is supplied with the application. It is allowed to expand the collection with your own devices in the SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF formats in order to create more accurate diagrams.

Description of the devices

The following information can be specified for the devices: description, image, contact information, place of location, owner, etc. Hyperlinks and email addresses are recognized automatically. This provides quick access to the necessary information.

Connection of the devices

The devices can be connected with one another. The connections are displayed as lines on the map. The ports and interfaces they are connected through are displayed above the lines. The red/green indicators show their status.


Layers allow for object grouping. Each map can contain a unique hierarchical structure of layers. There is a list of its objects displayed below each layer, which simplifies map editing and navigation to the devices.

OpenStreetMap support

The OpenStreetMap geographical maps can be used in the diagrams as a base layer. This allows for positioning the devices with georeferencing and for clearly seeing their geographical location.

Exporting / importing Visio

Algorius Net Viewer makes it possible to export a computer network map into a Visio document, as well as to create a computer network map based on a Visio document. This is convenient for creating presentations and for exchanging maps with third parties.