Algorius Net Viewer - Visualization

Network map

Algorius Net Viewer shows your network in one or several maps. Maps include computers, devices, links between them, textboxes and images. It is shown which computers are on now, their current state and description. It provides you the immediate view of the overall network and significantly simplifies devices’ administration and the network navigation.

Network discovery wizard

Wizard will help to find devices in your network and create the network map based on found data. There are several options to do that. The easiest and fastest way is to select the workstations from local network. Second option is to scan the specified network segments or IP ranges. Various scanning methods (ARP, Ping, Netbios, TCP, UDP, SNMP, WMI) make it possible to find almost all devices and get information about them.

Network map editor

Algorius Net Viewer is also convenient to edit network map. You can add devices, links between them, arrows, textboxes, hyperlinks, images, links to other maps. You can change its size, edit font and style. You can group the maps, displaying the exact organization chart. There is no limitation on the nesting level, and you can have several root maps.

Device collections

Application includes extensive collection of network devices. All devices are grouped by categories, e.g. computers, peripherals, network, satellite, rack, trading equipment, links, buildings. You can import new collections and create new device types. It enables complete and accurate network map.

OpenStreetMap support

You can use OpenStreetMap maps as background for the maps. It will enable geo-location of the devices, so you will see where the devices are located.

Support of vector graphics

Vector graphics is used to draw a map. It increases quality of scaling and changing the device size. Raster graphics is also supported (bmp, jpg, png, gif).


Warnings, errors and alarms can be animated on the network map. It makes all the critical events in the network infrastructure immediately visible. Web interface includes the animation of the devices which use animated SVG or GIF file as device image. Full-screen mode along with animation provides a spectacular view on the network map.

Advanced navigation tools

Algorius Net Viewer will guide you through computer network. Various tools (hyperlinks recognition, links to other maps, maps grouping, mini-map, scaling etc.) can be used to create map topology and simplify the navigation through big maps.

Description of network devices

You can add extra fields in network devices’ description, e.g. image, contact info, location, owner. You can create your own fields. Hyperlinks and e-mails are recognized automatically. Extra fields are grouped for your convenience. You will instantly access the needed information.

Display of device state

Map shows the state of network devices (active / inactive / warning). Additional information includes scanning method, current response time, severity indicator. Detailed info is shown on mouse-over.

Automatic links between devices

Links between devices are shown as lines – it takes just a couple of clicks to build them. If you need to connect about ten workstations to a router, just select these workstations on the map and select ‘Connect’ in router dropdown menu. Lines between devices will be created automatically and evenly. You can also include the additional devices in the same way. Lines between devices are created automatically and evenly – you can skip any drawing and focus on the major operations.

Ports and interfaces

You can add ports and interfaces in the description of network devices. You can see what device is connected to which port. Ports and interfaces can be visually displayed on the map next to devices - right above the incoming line of a port. Red/green indication shows interface status (active/inactive). Monitoring log, charts, reports, external commands and notifications are also available for interfaces.

Advanced search

You can use advanced search to look for various objects by multiple criteria and its values. E.g. you can easily find the machines with Ping higher than defined value. Or the ones with graphic cards of the certain brands. You can use several criteria in your search. You can save your searches into templates to reuse them quickly.

Export / Import to Visio

With Algorius Net Viewer you can export your network map to Visio file. You can also create network map from Visio document. It is very convenient for presentations and map sharing. Please note that with Algorius Net Viewer Lite you can browse the network maps for free.

Import from CSV

You can import the device data to Algorius Net Viewer from CSV files. You can import new devices and/or update the existing ones, making it much easier to keep the device data up-to-date.