Algorius Net Viewer - Web interface

Review of the network map

Web interface provides the application access via Internet browser. Network map image, navigation to devices and other objects, monitoring log, reports, diagrams – you can use all these via Web interface.

Access to all reports

Any reports, export to various formats, data sort, filtering and search and many other functions – all of that is available via Web interface.

Real-time monitoring

Automatic update of the Web interface enables dynamic monitoring of the network map, logs and charts. Active cashing on client side decreases the Web traffic and maximizes performance.

API for Windows HTTP-server

Algorius Net Viewer uses Windows HTTP Server API. This API allows multiple applications to use the same IP and port provided that each application registers different address prefix. This is very promising feature since opening new ports may be forbidden due to security policies in the corporate networks.

Various authorization methods

You can use following methods for Web-server authorization: anonymous, basic, digest, integrated Windows, Negotiate (Kerberos / NTLM). You can specify permitted maps for each user. It increases the system safety.


You can use SSL protocol for the Web-server. It increases the confidentiality of transferred data.