Algorius Net Viewer - Web interface

Web server

Algorius Net Viewer contains an integrated web server. It provides access to the network maps, reports, logs, and charts via a web interface. Active caching ensures high productivity and minimization of network traffic.

Access to reports

The web interface allows other users to get access to the reports via the browser. Users can filter and sort data on their own, and upload the generated reports in such formats as Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML.

Monitoring charts

Charts display up-to-date information in the form of graphs. When hovering the cursor over them, accurate values of the monitoring results will be displayed, and when clicking, a detailed chart for the selected time interval.

Animation of devices and events

Animation of devices and events in the web interface allows for obtaining an illustrative presentation of the network diagram and displaying its status even more informatively. The devices are supported which are represented in the collection with an animated .SVG or .GIF file.

API for the Windows HTTP server

The Windows HTTP Server’s API allows the web server to use the common IP address and port together with the other applications. This is a valuable opportunity because opening of new ports may contradict the security requirements in corporate networks.

Authorization methods

The web server supports the following authorization methods: anonymous, basic, digest, Windows integrated, Negotiate (Kerberos / NTLM). You can specify the list of permitted maps for each user or group. This will make it possible to restrict the access to confidential information.

HTTPS support

You can use the SSL protocol for the web server. It will ensure the confidentiality of transmitted information, and is a mandatory security requirement in some cases.