Algorius Net Viewer Manual
General Information

General Information

With Device Scanning Wizard you can scan devices by various means. You can easily find services, launched on particular devices, database instances, game servers etc. You can also define current device status, CPU temperature, free space on drives etc.

To launch the wizard select MonitoringScan Devices in main window menu, or click Wizard button on the toolbar, or press F6. The Device Scanning Wizard dialog box appear:

At the first page of the Wizard you should choose which devices you want to scan:

  • Devices on all maps
  • Devices on the current map
  • Selected devices on the current map

Enable the checkbox Only following type of devices if you want to scan only specific type of devices, e.g. servers only. List shows only those types of devices which exist on the maps.

Enable the checkbox Only devices with following scanning method if you want to scan only devices with specific scanning method, e.g. SNMP only. List includes only those scanning methods which are used on the maps.

Enable the checkbox Only active devices if you want to skip inactive devices during scanning. It will make the scanning faster.

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