Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Card Assignment

Card Assignment

In order to assign inventory card to a device, select the device on a map and select InventoryPerform Inventory in main menu or in the device context menu. Inventory Performing window will open. Select Assign card and click Next button.

A list of all inventory cards that are present in the database will be displayed.

Cards may be filtered by the current map, closed maps, and unassigned cards. The data may be sorted by the name or date of the last scan. Sorting by name is convenient when you know the name of the card you want to assign to the device. Sorting by the date of the last scan is convenient when the cards have just been received after the import and need to be assigned to the device.

Select the required card and click Finish. After that, the specified card will be assigned to the selected device.

It is convenient to assign a card to a device in the inventory tree. To do this, select the required card in the inventory tree and the required device on the network card and click on the button Assign card to the selected device.

Assignment of the card to the device is stored in the database, so it does not modify the card. Assignment is carried out by the map name and device ID.