Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Card Editing

Card Editing

To open the inventory card for viewing or editing, double-click it or select it in the inventory tree and click the Edit button, or select Inventory(Open card in the context menu of the device to which this card is assigned.

The card will open in the inventory card editor, which is located in the application window’s main part on the tab with this card’s name:

At the top of the editor, the card name, the list of devices to which it is assigned, the date of creation, and the last modified date are displayed. Clicking on the device to which the card is assigned navigates to that device. To the right of each device to which the card is assigned, a button for removing the assignment is displayed, by pressing which the card will be unassigned from this device.

The list of card sections is displayed in the central part of the editor. In each section, there is a list of its elements; for each element, there are the values of its attributes. Only sections with elements are displayed. See Configuring Sections for more information. Double clicking on a section collapses or opens this section. Double clicking on an element or its attribute opens this element for editing. See Element editing for more information.

The basic operations on working with the elements of the inventory card (selection, editing, deleting, change history, clipboard, search, group operations) are similar to operations on working with objects on the card.

To add a new item, click on the Add item button on the toolbar. The item editor will be opened. Enter the required attribute values and click OK. After that, the item will be added to the appropriate section of the inventory card. See Element editing for more information.

The list of sections is displayed on the right side of the inventory card editor. Sections that do not have items in the current inventory card are shown in gray. In the card editor, only information by sections selected in the section list is displayed. For example, selecting the printers section, you can quickly get a list of printers in this card. On the toolbar of the list of sections, there is a button that filters the list of sections (to display all sections or only filled ones), as well as the button Configure sections. See Configuring Sections for more information.