Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Data Assignment

Data Assignment

In order to assign inventory data to a device, select the device on a map and select InventoryWizard in main menu or in the device context menu. Inventory Wizard window will open. Select Assign data and click Next button.

List of all inventory data in the database will open. Data are grouped by workgroups or network domains.

You can sort data by name or by last scanning date. Sorting by name is convenient if you know a computer name which inventory data should be assigned to a current device. Sorting by last scanning date is handy if the data were imported right now and you need to assign them to a current device.

Highlighted by green are new data which are not yet assigned to any device. Red indicates old data, assigned to devices which are no longer on a map or when maps with these devices are not opened. Blue indicates current data which are assigned to one or several devices on a map.

Select the required data and click Finish. Selected data will be assigned to selected device. Assignment is stored in a database, not modifying a map.

Devices are assigned to inventory data by the host name in the device address. So only devices with address can contain inventory data.