Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Element Actuality

Element Actuality

For each element of the inventory card, the state ‘actual’ or ‘not actual’ is set. Not actual items are displayed in gray in the inventory card editor and are not displayed in inventory reports. To change the state, open this item in the editor and select the desired state. See Element Editing for more information.

The state of automatically collected items is set after scanning the device. If, after scanning, the item is present on the computer, then its status becomes actual. If, after repeated scanning, the element is missing, it is not deleted but is marked as not actual.

The state actual/ not actual can be fixed in the editor of this element by clicking on the button with the lock. If the state is fixed, it will not change after scanning the device.

Fixing the ‘actual’ status is useful for items that are either present or missing. For example, a printer or an external sound card, which is only detected when devices are scanned. At the same time, if you want this printer or sound card to be displayed as always present at this PC, then you can fix them as ‘actual’.

Fixing in the ‘not actual’ status is useful for unimportant elements that are not required to be displayed in reports, such as software (virtual disks, printers) or for elements that do not need to be displayed in reports for security purposes. In this case, you can fix the required element the ‘not actual’ state, and it will not be displayed in reports, but will be available in the application interface.