Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Element Editing

Element Editing

To edit an inventory card item, double-click it in the inventory editor, or double-click one of its attributes, or select Edit in the context menu of this element or its attribute, or click the Edit button on the toolbar. The inventory card element editor will appear:

In this case, if the specified operation was performed for an attribute, then the input focus will be moved to this attribute. This allows quickly editing the value of the desired attribute.

For each element, you can specify its name, state, date added, as well as the values of all attributes created for the section in which the element is located.

Date added is automatically inserted at the time of creation of the element, but can be changed at any time. This allows changing the date the item was added – for example, the date it was purchased.

If the element editor is called up to create this element, then you can optionally specify a section to which this element will be added. If you change the section, the list of attributes for editing will change accordingly.

For automatically assembled items, the date of scanning is indicated. See Device Scanning for more information.

Automatically collected attribute values are not allowed to edit by default. However, it can be allowed. See Configuring Sections for more information.