Algorius Net Viewer Manual
General Information

General Information

You can create links between different maps. Links are shown visually on a map as a cloud. Transfer to the linked map is performed by double-clicking a cloud – it simplifies the navigation between maps significantly.

You can specify Ownership connection type in the link settings. Linked map will be considered as a child related to current map. Child maps are displayed under parent map in the map tree. Thus you can display exact hierarchic structure of the enterprise.

Default connection type is Link. You can use it to create simple links to adjacent maps (e.g. by geographical location) or to root maps to simplify navigation.

You can select connection type in the link’s context menu. It is faster and allows you to specify connection type for several links simultaneously.

Cloud shows the map status by specific color according to notification settings. Child maps send their status to the parent map. Thus you can see the status of all child maps on the current map.