Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Maps Server

Configuring Maps Server

To configure Maps Server, select FileOptions from the main window menu, or press the Options button on the toolbar or press F9. The Options dialog box will appear. Select Maps Server tab:

It has the following elements:

  • Add — add new map source.
  • Edit — configure the selected map source.
  • Delete — delete the selected map source from the list.
  • Update periodically — if checked, application will automatically update maps from defined sources every specified time interval;
  • Backup updated files — if checked, application will create the backup copies of saved maps and all files, updated from maps server. You can specify the location for a catalog of backup copies for files being saved or updated.
  • Delete old backup copies — if checked, application will delete the backup copies which are older than defined amount of days. Clearing is performed after every update or save.