Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Maps Source

Configuring Maps Source

To configure the maps server select ServerSettings in the main menu. Server Settings window will open. Click Add button on Maps Server tab. Maps Source window will open:

Select and configure the update source:

  • Update from shared folder — enter the location of the shared maps folder.
  • Update from FTP(S) folder — enter the ftp(s) maps folder location and FTP(S) server login (user name and password). Check Use SSL if you need the encryption. Check Passive mode if FTP(S) server can’t connect to your computer (e.g. if your computer is behind router of Firewall, blocking the external connections).

Select the local folder to save maps from specified source.

You can update the whole maps tree, device images and device collections.

You can update maps from shared folder which has read-only access and upload them to the same folder, but via FTP(S). Or you can update maps from FTP(S) folder using one authorization (e.g. anonymous one) and upload them into the same folder via FTP(S), but with another authorization. In these cases, you should specify the separate parameters of FTP(S) connection to upload the maps.