Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Edit Mode

Edit Mode

With no regard if map is updated from server or not, it should be captured before editing. During a capture it is checked that a map is actual and isn’t locked by anyone. If a map is not actual, then application will propose to update it. If it is captured, then application will propose to recapture it. It is convenient if an employee who has captured a map is absent currently and it is required to edit a map urgently. If a map is being updated, then it is captured on server also and both copies are checked for being actual.

Changes are saved only locally, since it is faster and allows saving changes even if a maps server is temporarily unavailable. It also makes it possible to make a lot of modifications before presenting them to other users.

You should release or fix a map to make the changes visible for other users. After release a map is saved on a server and is marked as released. After fix a map is saved on a server and stays captured by you.

You can revert the changes, made after last capture or fix. During reverting current server version of a map is saved to local copy and map reopens. After reverting a map stays captured by you.