Algorius Net Viewer Manual


To change the size of a single device, select it on the map and drag one of its edge. If you simultaneously hold down the Shift button, then the device will be scaled from the center.

To change the size of multiple devices, select them on the map and choose Scale from their context menu. Scaling dialog box will appear. Type the required scale in percents and press OK.

To switch on/off displaying devices status, select required devices on the map and choose AppearanceShow Status in their context menu. Status includes the scanning method, scanning result and event severity indication (if there is any), according to the Notification System settings. Status is displayed only for scanned devices.

In order to change the inscriptions font for the devices selected, select AppearanceFont in their context menu. You’ll see the Font dialogue. Choose the font you need and press OK.

To change the label location (on to the right/left/top/bottom) for the devices selected, select Appearance in their context menu and select required side. The labels’ position will change.