Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Configuring Devices

Configuring Devices

All the basic device operations, such as device deleting, moving, etc. comply with the general rules. See the relevant paragraphs in the Network Map Objects section.

To configure a network map device, select it and select Properties from its context menu or select it and press Alt+Enter. The Device Properties dialog box will appear:

The device properties editor allows specifying the following items:

  • Name — a device name to be shown on a network map right below the device icon;
  • Address — a device address to be used to determine the device activity. It can be IP address, DNS name, or URL depending on the device scanning method chosen.
  • Type — a device type.
  • Image — an image that appears in a tooltip when you hover over a device. Usually it is a photo of the device owner, or device photo or logo.
  • Login — login for authorization on the current device. See Password Manager for more information.
  • Monitoring — device scanning methods settings. See Scanning methods settings for more information.
  • Description — a device description that appears in a tooltip when you hover over a device.
  • Ports —device ports settings. See Ports and Interfaces for more information.
  • Connections — configure connections between devices. See Connections for more information.

You can also add some additional attributes. Click the additional attributes button (Plus on tab set) to open the context menu allowing you to select additional attributes, add new attribute, or choose the most frequently used attributes (which are used for other devices on the current map).