Algorius Net Viewer Manual


Devices can be connected to each other similarly to their physical connection. Lines can be used for connection which allows visualizing the real cable connection on the network map. Items can also be connected without lines, for example, to describe a wireless connection or to avoid overcharging of the map with lines. The connection type, cable/channel length, ports used for the connection and other information can be specified in the connection settings.

To connect several devices using lines, for example, ten PCs to a switch, you need to select those PCs and switch, right-click the switch and select Connect Objects. All PCs will automatically become connected to a switch with accurate lines.

New devices can be connected to a switch in the same manner. Old lines will move automatically to add new lines in an accurate manner.

In order to connect devices to each other without lines, for example, several computers with a Wi-Fi router, you have to select the router and left-click on the required computers while holding down the Alt key.

If you select a device other devices are connected to on the map, the connected devices will be highlighted with a special frame.

In order to disconnect devices, all you have to do is delete the line connecting them or select one of the devices and, while holding down the Alt key, click on the other device.

Connections can be set up in the device editor or line editor.

The connection type can also be set in the line context menu. In order to do this, select one or several lines on the map and select the required type in the line context menu in the Connection Type section. Or select New Type in this menu and enter the type manually.

If a line enters a port and an address is set for the port, this port is displayed on the map, next to the device, right above the line which enters the port:

When hovering over the line which connects the devices, the connected devices, ports, connection type, channel length and speed are displayed in the hint. The channel speed is determined automatically based on the ports speed.

When hovering over a device which has some connections, the list of all connections and the ports used for each connection are displayed in the hint.

If a line connects devices, you can specify which port the line is connected to for each device and specify the cable type and length.

If you move the devices then all connected lines are moved also steadily, minimizing the number of crossings and calculating the optimal entry points.

If you want to edit a line, you can add interim nodes and set them to desired place.

See Editing Lines for more information.

If you need to connect a device to another switch, you need just to change the line end to another switch.

If you already have some lines under devices and you need to connected them to the devices, you should to select the lines, right-click one of them and select Connect Objects.

If you need to connect all lines with devices, you can select all objects on the map Edit->Select All (Ctrl+A), right–click any line and select Connect Objects. The lines, which were located under devices, will be connected to the appropriate devices.