Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Device List

Device List

The list of devices is located on the left side of the main window. It allows you to add new devices to the network map, create new device types or configure existing ones.

The list of devices can have one of the following statuses:

  • Fixed – list is always shown on a screen;
  • Autohide – list is displayed after clicking Devices button and hides when mouse cursor is removed from tree area;
  • Hidden – list is not shown on a screen and is displayed only after clicking Devices button.

To make device management more convenient all devices are divided into categories, for example: computers, network, links, peripherals, structures. Clicking the category maximizes it and shows the list of devices in it.

The list of devices contains the following items in its context menu:

  • Select Devices — select devices of selected type on the current map.
  • Open Containing Folder — open folder with device collection in Explorer. See Device Collections for more information.
  • Rename — rename device type. Maps are not changed. Display name is saved in the application settings and is displayed automatically instead of the original name in the application, reports and notifications.
  • Configure — configure device collections. See Device Collections for more information.