Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Group Operations

Group Operations

Group Operations allow adjusting any attribute for several devices at a time on one or more maps. To start group operation, select EditGroup Operations from the main window menu. The Group Operations dialog box will open:

Specify devices which need to be configured:

  • Devices on the current map. Available only if the current map is captured for editing.
  • Devices on the captured maps. Available only if there is another map captured for editing.
  • Devices on the selected maps. Available only if Group Operations is opened from context menu of map list.

Optionally, you can select the devices by type, by the presence of a certain scanning method.

Then select operation which needs to be processed and specify new attribute value. It’s possible to use macro substitutions for text fields. This feature gives possibility for you to move data from one attribute to another, combine the values ​​of attributes, etc. Macros list appears when typing the '%' symbol. Select the macro you want, using the Up and Down arrow keys and press Enter or double-click on it. The selected macro will be inserted into the editor. Pressing the ESC key closes the list of macros.

Devices configuration will be updated after pressing the OK button.