Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Logging level settings

Logging level settings

You can specify the level of logging to keep space needed for monitoring log in the database. It speeds up report generation due to less data to be processed.

There are 3 levels of monitoring log for the devices:

  • Full — polling result for each device goes into monitoring log.
  • Statistical — only static data per hour gets into monitoring log, e.g. number of requests; success requests; failed requests; average, minimum, maximum sensor value; data on device status change; error codes.
  • Minimal — only information about power on/off goes into monitoring log.
  • Off — no monitoring log for a device.

Please note: if logging level is not Full of Statistical for a device, then monitoring log reports will be limited for that device, since there will be just no statistical data for a report. See Monitoring Reports for more information.

Open device settings and select desired mode to setup the device logging. The logging is set separately for each scanning method.

If you want to setup device logging for several devices on one map simultaneously, select these devices and choose the required mode in device context menu.

Use group operations to setup logging for several devices on several maps simultaneously.