Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Advanced Search

Advanced Search

With advanced search you can look for various objects by the values of their attributes. You can search by device attributes values, monitoring results, inventory data values.

Select ViewSearch in main menu or press Ctrl+Shift+F to open advanced search. Advanced search window will be opened:

Window includes following elements:

  • Search in — search area.
  • Search by attribute value — here you can define device attributes and their values, which you can use for the search. Attributes can be text or numeric. Text values can be searched by full or partial match. Numeric values can be searched with comparison operations.
  • Add — add a new attribute to search by value.
  • Delete — remove search attribute.
  • Delete All — delete all attributes used at search except the last one.
  • Full match — search for the full match of a text value.
  • Case sensitive — consider the upper/lower case while searching for the text values.
  • Whole word — search for the whole specified word.
  • ReGex — defines regular expression as required attribute value.
  • Previous searches — list of previous search parameters, saved as the template. Double-click a template in a list to open this search.
  • Load — load the selected template from a list.
  • Save — save the current search parameters as a template.
  • Delete — delete the templates, selected in the list.

Clicking the Search button will start the search of required objects and display the found objects and values of found attributes in the list. Double-click the object in the list or click Select button to go to this object on a map. Click Select all button to select all found objects on a map.