Algorius Net Viewer Manual


To search for information on network maps, select ViewFind from the main window menu or press the Find button on the toolbar. The search string will appear on the toolbar. Enter a key phrase you are looking for. In case there are any objects on the network map that contain the specified search phrase in their names, addresses or any other parameters, they will be displayed in a drop down search list right under the search string. You can select the needed object by using the Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn keys. Pressing the Enter key or clicking the left mouse button will take you to the object needed. Press the Esc key or click on the map to cancel the search.

The search list will be sorted in case there are found a few objects containing a specified search phrase. Those objects containing exact match are shown first and highlighted in green. Those objects containing search phrase (case insensitive) are shown next and highlighted in light green. Then there are shown those objects containing search phrase in any of its attributes. They are not highlighted.

This kind of sorting greatly facilitates the search process as the needed object is almost always turns out to be first on the list.

The search can also be performed for inactive maps that are linked with the current active map. Such maps are highlighted with grey color in search results.

Advanced search can be used for more detailed search.

You can navigate to a device from external applications, including the command prompt. Launch NetViewer.exe with parameters ‘-s:address’, where address is the address of required device. Algorius Net Viewer should be launched during this operation.