Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Work with layers

Work with layers

Objects on the map can be placed on different layers by analogy, as is done in graphics editors. Each computer network map contains its own list of layers. Layers can form a hierarchical structure. This allows grouping objects with an unlimited level of nesting.

Work with layers is carried out in the layer tree, which is located in the left part of the main application window. In the layer tree, all layers created for the current computer network map are displayed in a structured form. Under each layer is a list of child layers and all objects on the map located in this layer.

The layer tree can be in one of the following states:

  • Pinned — the tree is always displayed on the screen;
  • Auto-hiding — the tree is shown on the screen after clicking on the Layers button and disappears when the mouse cursor moves away from this area;
  • Hidden — the tree is not displayed on the screen and appears after clicking on the Layers button.

Selecting a layer in the layer tree makes this layer active. New objects on the map are added to the active layer by default. When an object is selected in a layer, this object is highlighted on the network map. Double click on the object navigates to this object on the network map. This greatly simplifies navigation to objects. Double clicking on a layer selects all objects inside this layer. This allows quickly selecting a group of objects. Selecting an object on the network map automatically selects it in a layer and makes the layer in which it is located active.

Layers affect the order in which objects appear on the map. For example, the devices located in the upper layer are displayed on the network map above those located in the lower layer. A check box to the left of the layer in the layer tree turns on and off the display of objects of this layer on the computer network map.

To create a new layer, click the Add layer button in the layer tree. A new layer will be added over the first of the active layers. To add a sub-layer, select this layer and click on the Add sub-layer button in the layer tree.

To rename the layer, select it, click Rename in the layer tree or press F2. Enter a new name and press Enter to confirm or ESC to cancel the operation.

To delete a layer, select this layer and click the Delete button in the layer tree or press the Del key.

To change the order of the layers, select the required layers in the layer tree and click the Move Up / Move Down button or press the Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down keys.

To move objects from one layer to another, use the clipboard or the Drag & Drop operation in the layer tree, or select the required objects on the computer network map and select the desired layer in their context menu.