Algorius Net Viewer Manual
Map Background

Map Background

To customize the personal appearance for the current network map, select FileMap Background or ViewMap Background from the main window menu. Or you can select Map background in the context menu of the map editor. Map Background window will appear:

Here you can choose between general and personal map appearances to apply. Use the dialog box to change the following preferences:

  • Default — use general background for the map.
  • Color — the background color of the network map.
  • Image — the background image of the network map. If the Tile background mode is enabled, the background image chosen will be repeated for the entire network map background. If the Tile background mode is disabled, the background image chosen will be shown only one time, starting with the upper-left corner of the map background and the remaining background space will be filled with the specified background color.
  • OpenStreetMap — makes it possible to use OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors) maps as the map background. OpenStreetMap coordinates define the position of upper-left corner of a map. Zooming in corresponds to a map scale in OpenStreetMap at 100% map scale in Algorius Net Viewer. You can clearly select map position in OpenStreetMap using URL selection button, set coordinates and zoom automatically. Internet connection is required to download OpenStreetMap maps. Each downloaded segment of an OpenStreetMap map is cached and can be afterwards displayed without Internet connection. Cache duration can vary for different segments and is defined by OpenStreetMap cashing policy. Common cache duration is from several hours to several days. When cache duration is over, map segment is updated automatically when Internet connection is available.
  • Transparency — transparency of OpenStreetMap maps from 0 to 99, where 0 means no transparency (OpenStreetMap map is displayed as is) and 99 means maximum transparency (OpenStreetMap map is almost invisible).